Life & Culture

Situated in the heartland of central China near the Yellow River in Henan province, the town of Xinzheng houses the Sias campus and is the birthplace of Chinese history dating back over 5,000 years. Numerous archaeological sites are in close proximity to the Sias campus including the dynastic ruins of several ancient Chinese capitals such as Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Kaifeng, and others.


Unlike many of the other international programs in China, the location and environment surrounding Sias retains much of traditional Chinese culture, allowing the student to experience the "real" China. Just outside the campus, students can still see ‘rural' China and village farm life, while also witnessing in the same panoramic view the current industrialization of modern China in nearby cities and the emerging middle class urban neighborhoods.


Sias is located in rural, central China but offers the latest in Western style amenities and creature comforts such as fully furnished modern housing, airport pickups and transfers upon arrival and departure, and a Western food cafeteria with meals prepared by an American chef. Many other services and benefits are available including a state of the art swimming pool, an on-campus health clinic, help in establishing a local bank account, and numerous other recreational activities including historical and cultural field trips. Sias is able to offer these services because of its experience in dealing with large numbers of foreigners over the last decade including the presence of one hundred foreign faculty who are always available to assist and befriend international students, making the Sias experience not only educational and fun, but nearly hassle free.

What's New

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