Sias Holds the Annual Chinese University Basketball Association (CUBA) Summer Camp

On Aug.1, 2012, Sias held the opening ceremony of the annual Chinese University Basketball Association (CUBA) summer camp in the stadium. Mr. Guo Weiwei, director of the Sports, Sanitation and Arts Department of the Henan Education Department, Mr. Chen Nansheng, vice president and secretary-general of CUBA, Mr. Liu Jinlin, deputy secretary-general of CUBA, Mr. Luo Yonghong, deputy secretary-general of CUBA, Mr. Ken Wanger, head coach of the Brigham Young University - Hawaii Campus, and school leaders including Dr. Shawn Chen, president Li Haijun and vice president Wu Tiejun.

Dr. Shawn Chen delivered a speech at the beginning. He warmly welcomed all the leaders, coaches, camp members and referees. Then he introduced the recent efforts which have been made to improve the athletic facilities at Sias and the achievements that have been obtained by Sias student. Finally he hoped every camp members can improve their basketball skills and get better communication with other team members.

Then Mr. Chen Nansheng showed deep gratitude to Dr. Shawn Chen and all the people who always support the development of CUBA Summer Camp at Sias. He wished all the members can treasure and make good use of this chance. It was followed by the speech delivered by Mr. Ken Wanger. He said it was a great honor for him to attend the summer camp activity, and hoped all the camp members enjoyed themselves.

In the end, Mr. Liu Jinlin and head judge Mr. Shi Quanzhu introduced the discipline of this summer camp, and Mr. Guo Weiwei announced the opening of the camp.

This summer camp will last 12 days and more than 1400 basketball players will attend it.

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