Exposing Culture while Enhancing Communication

In order to enhance the communication among Chinese faculty and students, foreign faculty and international students, Sias held culture week activities from Oct.29th to Nov.3rd.

On China day, there are many folk art shows in the Italian Square, including paper cutting, clay sculpture, paper sculpture and bean sculpture. The traditional Chinese culture exhibition, the Tai Chi show and the stunt show enable all the people to acquaint themselves with Chinese culture while having lots of fun.

On Asia day, the international students from other countries of Asia, dressed in their own traditional clothes and brought many dance shows to the stage. On Latin America and Africa day, the football game, Halloween parade and Masquerade provided students a chance to be immersed in the activities of other cultures. On European day, the pirate show attracted numerous people who took many pictures. The hockey game and mini-golf game representing North America and Australia day also drew a lot of attention from the students.

The High Table Dinner organized by Student Affairs Department and International Cooperation & Exchange Department (ICED) not only improved the etiquette and knowledge of students but also let them experience a formal western dinner.

On Nov.3rd, the Culture Week International Day Celebration was held in the Opera House. Many international guests, school leaders and nearly 1000 teachers and students attended the ceremony. A group of primary students from Sun Village, whose parents either have been sentenced to death or put in jail for a long time, performed the finger language performance A Grateful Heart, which was extremely moving to the receptive audience. Other performances, including stunt, group dance and tai chi brought the audience a visual feast they are not soon to forget.

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