Sias Organizes the First Charity Banquet & Charity Auction

Nov.15, 2012 5:30pm, Sias Organized the first Charity Banquet & Charity Auction in the Administration Building. Many school leaders and guests attended the activity. The guests included representatives from the Beijing Construction Decoration Engineering Company, Sias Garden Design Engineering Co., Ltd., Kaiyuan Group and many local banks.

The charity action began with the silent auction, in which bids were written on a sheet of paper. The attendees walked around to look at a variety of auction items such as bronze ware, necklace items and calligraphy work. They then wrote bids on pieces of paper.

The evening began with a video profiling two Sias students who a have deep financial need. Dr. Shawn Chen said he was moved by the perseverance and efforts of the two students, and also by the people who made the donations. Everyone had the responsibility to a make contribution as they felt necessary. The donations were meant not only to help the students but also to help society as a whole.

At 7:15, the open and ascending price auction began. The items included a VIP golf card, a VIP swimming card, the chance to have dinner with Shawn Chen, and the chance to spend the weekend at NO. 2 Villa. Mr. Fei Hexiang, party secretary of Sias International University, also invited the famous Chinese painting artist couple Mr. Zhao Guozhen and Ms Hu Shuying to improvise. All the money collected will be used to assist needy students and be directly donated to student charity.

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