Sias Holds the 2013 International Water Conference

May 23rd-25th, the three-day ‘2013 International Water Conference’ was held at Sias. More than 50 Scholars, government officials and corporate representatives from home and abroad attended the conference.

In the’ 1st Sias International University Water Summit’, Dr. Alan Brown, the Chairman of the Sias Foundation, said this conference not only highlighted the environmental challenges to our planet, but also would explore how to save our vulnerable planet. By using all the magic scientific technology to create new chance to protect our planet is the new generations’ duty.

Dr. Jonathan Overpeck, 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner and Professor of Geological Science and Atmospheric Science also delivered a speech. He focused more on the climatic challenges to water supply all around the world, such as changes in precipitation, rainfall, snow and also drought. He also thought it was very exciting that students at sias were being exposed to these problems and were thinking about these problems now but not just in the future, because it really would be these young people who will be in society either as business people, engineers, artists and all sorts of other fields who will be figuring out clever ways to solve these important environmental problems, to solve climate change, to solve water management problems.

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