The 15th International Culture Festival Opening






















On October 28,the 15th International Culture Festival opened in the Italian Square. At 10 am, a traditional culture tour officially started. Secretary of the Party Committee, Fei Hexiang, Executive Vice-President, Dong Qiming, and Vice-President, Liu Shuqin, were present.


The first day of the Festival is 'China day.' Various forms of Chinese traditional culture attracted many teachers and students. Gourd pyrography, paper crafts, carvings, and magic lanterns - such distinctive aspects of Chinese folk culture and art made Sias all the more colorful. Folk artists also enthusiastically performed for the students. Some student employment and entrepreneurship themed lectures were also held. At the same time, at China's traditional culture exhibition, and the traditional Chinese costume parade, visitors were able to further appreciate the extensive array of Chinese traditional culture.


Sias also held an Asia day, Latin America day, Africa day, Europe day, North America day, and an Australia day during the International Culture Week. Each day had international activities that were unique to the respective places. With different themes, and visual forms of different cultures, a vast number of teachers and students were able to feast on this temple of rich and colorful ethnic cultures.

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