Sias Founder is ‘Chinese Partner’ at Plug&Play Summit

Tuesday, October 27 - 'Plug&Play' held a Global Cross-Border Venture Summit and launching ceremony in Suzhou, China. The theme of the event was 'Evolutionary Era.' From hundreds of local projects, 20 models will be selected and given a platform to launch their business ideas.


Dr. Shawn Chen, the founder and Chairman of the Board of Sias, attended the event as an official Chinese partner, and delivered a speech. Dr. Chen spoke of the importance of real, practical experience involving tutors, guidance, resources and training in helping incubation projects grow.


Plug&Play is an American company under the Amidi Group, which is focused on helping entrepreneurial teams with incubators in the fast-growing technology industry. The founder of Plug&Play, who is also the Chairman of the Amidi Group, Rahim Amidi, said that whether it was office space or links to the number of startups, incubators and accelerators of Plug&Play were some of the world’s largest companies, including Intel, Microsoft, Google, and eBay.


In other news, Plug&Play signed a formal agreement with the Chongqing City Government. Chongqing Mayor, Huang Qifan, Plug&Play founder, Rahim Amidi, and the co-founder of Plug&Play China, Dr. Shawn Chen, attended the ceremony. Under the agreement, Plug&Play will help in the completion of a large industrial park in the Yubei District of Chongqing. It will build a large-scale incubation center, modeled on its success in Silicon Valley, USA.



























Dr. Shawn Chen at the Plug&Play China Summit


























Plug&Play China Summit
























Plug&Play China Summit


























Dr. Shawn Chen with Rahim Amidi and Huang Qifan, Mayor of Chongqing

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