Sias Delegation Visited the National University of Laos

During the winter break, a delegation of 14 Sias instructors and students paid a 7-day visit to the National University of Laos.

During the visit, Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Department of  University of Laos and the officer in charge of the Sino-Laos affairs introduced the history and development of the university from many aspects including university operation features, the scale, major setting, mode of education, partner universities, the founding background, distinctive majors, living and study condition and campus activities. Students from both universities discuss their own universities, learning methods, habits and the cultural features and development of the universities and countries on the cultural exchanging day. The hard-working, optimism, outgoingness and enthusiasm of the Laotian students left a deep impression on the Sias delegation. The delegation also visited the capital Vientiane, tourists-attraction city VangVieng, and the ancient capital LangPrabang and so on.

Through one week’s exchange, all the members have acquired a lot of precious experiences. They have broadened their views and gained a deeper understanding about the importance of comprehensive learning and development. These help them set higher learning goals with great passion.

Founded in 1995, National University of Laos is a comprehensive university in Vientiane. There are 11 schools and 9 research centers in total. The number of students is 36000, including 200 international students. It has established cooperation relationship with more than 130 foreign universities, training centers and organizations, with which it discusses the training, the lecture, the exchange program, cooperation program and postgraduate program.

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