Frequently Asked Questions about Beliefs

1. Can I talk politics?
We are there to teach English and share our lives and culture; but, be sensitive to your students and their culture. It's not a good idea to bring up politics with your students. Build a relationship of trust before you broach any topics like these. In particular, the three "T's" of Tian'anmen, Tibet and Taiwan are sensitive topics for most Chinese people.


2. Will I be thrown in jail or worse because of my faith?
The government's rules and regulations are real and will be explained to you when you sign your contract. You must always use common sense and caution. You are not there to draw undue attention to ourselves but at the same time be free to share the most important part of your life with those that you meet. However, if you do not use good judgment in the way that you chose to share your life, the university may be required by the government to void your contract and send you home.

3. Can I go to church? Are there Bible studies?
On Sunday evenings, Chinese students are not allowed in the foreign teacher building on so that the foreign teachers can have their own non-denominational church services. The Chinese government allows foreigners to meet together for religious purposes as long as there are no Chinese nationals present.

There are also small groups and Bibles studies for the foreign community during the week.

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