Young Teachers Forum

Monday, December 21 – The Teacher Development Center held a forum for young teachers on the 18th of November. The forum was held to consolidate the training of young teachers, promote their growth, clarify their development goals, and help them solve the problems that they encounter. The forum was attended by 57 young teachers including Liu Hui, from the School of Law, and Hu Daidi, from the School of Electronics & Information Engineering. The Deputy Director of the Teacher Development Center, Shan Guoli, presided over the forum.


Shan Guoli said that he hoped that the forum would help promote the growth of teachers and improve the education at the university. He said that teachers were role models and the young teachers at Sias should use the university's resources, and seek advice with an open mind.


In a group discussion that followed, teachers spoke enthusiastically and freely, sharing from their experience about problems, career planning, and class management. They also spoke of the teaching process should be grounded in tolerance.

Young Teachers' Forum

Young Teachers' Forum

Young Teachers' Forum

Young Teachers' Forum

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