Sias opens new Employment Internship Base

Wednesday, December 23 – Sias University and Henan Sitong Industrial Co. held an inauguration ceremony for their cooperation on the 23rd of December. The Chairman of Henan Sitong Industrial Co., Zhang Chunhua, Sias Vice President, Xu Shengdao, the Director of the Employment & Entrepreneurship Department, Luo Hongqun, the President of Siqi Residential College, He Nanfeng, the Deputy Party Secretary of the Communist Part Committee, Yang Yahan, and Student Directory, Wang Yue, were present for the ceremony.


Zhang Chunhua said that talent played a key role in the development of enterprises and were necessary for productivity. He said that the cooperation between educational institutions and companies provided a platform for the process of the transition from theory to practice. He said that it was vital for the realization of the scientific research achievements of colleges and universities, the promotion of rapid and good development of enterprises, and also provided a solid base for the sustainable development of colleges and universities so that both sides can benefit from each other.


On behalf of Sias, Xu Shengdao signed the agreement for the establishment of an Employment Internship Base with Henan Sitong Industrial Co. He spoke about the educational philosophy of Sias and its internationalized concepts. He said that Sias had used internationalization to its advantage and had harnessed its talent and technology for various platforms and achievements. He said that Sias emphasized the cooperation between research and industry for entrepreneurship and innovation, in combination with the nurturing of talent and contributions to the regional economic and social development.


The signing of the cooperation agreement and establishment of the Employment Internship Base is geared towards implementing a multi-level, multi-form, and multi-field cooperation between Sias and Henan Sitong Industrial Co., and for the realization of optimized goals for the university's students.

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